Rates & Services

Escrow Fees

    • Bundled Resale Closing Fee: $350
    • Bundled Loan Closing Fee Concurrent with Sale: $450
    • Bundled Loan Closing Fee Residential Refinance: $300​
    • Bundled Junior Loan Closing Fee: $250
    • Loan Closing Fee Concurrent with Sale: $450
    • For Sale By Owner Closing Fee: $400
    • Tax Certificate: $25
    • Disbursement of Loan Only Fee: $150
    • Electronic Document Recording Fee: $5
    • Estimated Recording Costs (includes $5 e-recording fee per document):
      • $150 when loan is present
      • $23 on a cash transaction Note: Recording costs are $13 for first page per document and $5 for each additional page thereafter
    • Closing Protection Letter Fee: $25 (For each CPL requested. Available for lender, buyer, and seller.)

    ***Listed rates are estimates and subject to change. This is not a comprehensive list of applicable charges and fees. Charges and fees are subject to change based on many factors. Please contact us directly for a more accurate rate quote more information