Digital Earnest Money

Elevated Title is excited to partner with Earnnest, a digital payment platform that provides all parties—the requester, the payer and the receiver—with a convenient, secure and fully transparent payment process.

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Benefits of Using Earnnest

The Convenience: Say goodbye to chasing down checks and the hassle of expensive wires. Now, through the convenience of Earnnest, you can request, receive, and send payments wherever you have internet access through both our web-based app and our native available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The Process: Earnnest has developed a unique digital payment process using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, the standard for secure money movement within the U.S. banking system. Our process eliminates the standard 30-to-60 day pullback window, meaning you can rest assured your digital earnest money transactions will complete—without the fear of charge-back.

The Security: Earnnest is a closed network of verified escrow holders. We extensively vet each and every escrow holder who enrolls with us. When creating a payment request, only verified escrow holders can be chosen as the receiver. We also track the payment each step of the way from payment, to processing and finally as it deposits into the trust account. This closed, secure system eliminates the ability for fraud and lost payments.

The Transparency: Unlike a wire transfer, Earnnest provides total transparency for all transacting parties (requester, payer, and the receiver) via e-mailed payment receipts. These payment receipts include key transaction information as well as a unique tracking ID generated by Earnnest, so you can be 100% confident in your reconciliation process.

The Result: Earnnest’s digital payment process brings convenience, security, and transparency to the earnest money process, allowing you to request, receive and send payments with complete peace of mind. Earnnest—we’re how money moves!